UofM Climate Adaptation Partnership

University of Minnesota Climate Adaptation Partnership

The University of Minnesota Climate Adaptation Partnership (MCAP) is a joint program of the College of Food, Agricultural, and Natural Resource Sciences and U of M Extension that works to advance climate science and to inform and support action needed to prepare for climate change across the Midwest. Researchers at MCAP use MSI’s supercomputers to develop and run computational models that can predict possible future climate conditions. MCAP has developed an interactive online tool, MN CliMAT, that provides highly localized climate information for locations in Minnesota. An article about this tool appears on the U of M News site: New tool provides localized climate projections for Minnesota communities.

MCAP’s Director Heidi Roop (assistant professor, Soil, Water, and Climate; Extension Specialist in Climate Science) is an MSI PI. Dr. Stefan Liess, an MCAP climate scientist and a member of the Roop MSI group, presented a poster on this work at the 2024 Research Computing Exhibition on April 23. His poster, “Fine-scale climate projections over Minnesota for the 21st century,” described results from climate models run on MSI’s supercomputers. The researchers used the Weather Research and Forecasting Model coupled to input from six CMIP6 global climate models. The results show detailed information about warming trends, especially in the winter season, at the county level in Minnesota. This information is important for decision-makers in areas including agriculture, infrastructure, water resources, and others. 

Image description: Two nests for the areas simulated with WRF at 20 and 4 km. Image and description: S. Liess, H. Roop, T.E. Twine, A. Fernandez, D. Doma, J. Gorman, S. Clark, J. Mosel, N. Meyer, A. Farris, B. Hoppe, P. Neff; poster “Fine-scale climate projections over Minnesota for the 21st century” (2024).

North America map showing nested climate areas

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