UMN Single Cell Symposium 2024

UMN Single Cell Symposium 2024

The field of single-cell genomics has progressed rapidly over the last 10 years and has changed the way we ask and answer biological questions. The ability to interrogate individual cells is revealing gene expression dynamics and cellular heterogeneity otherwise masked in bulk analysis. With the profiling of millions of cells in parallel, challenges arise in the experimental setup, the ability to limit errors and biases, and the analysis of vast quantities of data. 
This symposium aims to bring together U of M investigators interested in single-cell methods to discuss key approaches in data analysis and interpretation and the latest developments in single-cell technologies. It will feature in-depth presentations from U of M experts in cardiac, immunology, and plant research, updates in informatics approaches and single-cell technologies, and a tour of the new CoLab space for training in single-cell methods. 

This event is co-organized by the University of Minnesota Genomics Center and the Minnesota Supercomputing Institute. 

Tuesday, June 4
8:30 AM - 12:30 PM
1-125 CCRB

Topics to be covered include:

  • Single-cell genomics in immunology research
  • Single-cell genomics in cardiac research
  • Single-cell genomics in plant research
  • Single-cell informatics
  • Single-cell technologies

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