2024 RC Exhibition

The Annual Exhibition wrap up for 2024 Research Computing Exhibition

The 15th annual Research Computing Exhibition was held on April 23, 2024, at the MSI offices in Walter Library. 

Research Computing Exhibition, April 23, 2024

Thank you to our sponsors!

Platinum level

  • PIER Group in partnership with Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Silver level

  • VAST Data

Events included two panel discussion, one about careers in HPC fields and the other about careers in Informatics, presentations by RC units, a judged poster session with posters featuring work being done using Research Computing resources, tours of the data center, and visualizations by Research Computing users in the Visualization Lab.

Panel Discussion - Careers in High Performance Computing

Moderator: Jim Wilgenbusch; Director of Research Computing


  • Ben Lynch, MSI Director
  • Bill Mannel, HPE, Director of the CTO office for HPC & AI for Higher Education
  • Rupert Menezes, VAST Data, Field CTO for Artificial Intelligence and Emerging Technologies
  • Chad Sullivan, CSE-IT, Research Support Consultant

Panel Discussion - Careers in Informatics

Moderators: Christy Henzler and Thomas Pengo, Co-Directors of Research Informatics


  • Beth Cimini, PhD, Associate Director for Bioimage Analysis, Imaging Platform of the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard
  • Getiria Onsongo, Associate Professor of Computer Science, Macalester College, Department of Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science
  • Mandy Waters, PhD, App Dev Team Lead, PepsiCo Global R&D
  • Alvin Zhou, Assistant Professor, University of Minnesota, Hubbard School of Journalism and Mass Communication

Poster Session

Posters by MSI users competed in one of two categories, Life Sciences and Engineering or Physical Sciences and Engineering. They were judged using the following criteria:

  • How much did using Research Computing contribute to the outcome of the research presented?
  • How well is the use of Research Computing and the research communicated on the poster?
  • How well of the importance of this science communicated?

Life Sciences and Engineering 

Grand Prize Winner (travel award of $2,000):

  • Navigating complex design space in modeling temperature-stable therapeutics

    • Authors: Jonathan W.P. Zajac, Praveen Muralikrishnan, Sapna Sarupria
    • PI: Sapna Sarupria (Chemistry)

Finalists (travel awards of $1,000):

  • Complex interactions between common variants impact COVID-19 infection severity

    • Authors: Wen Wang, Mathew Fischbach, Mehrad Hajiaghabozorgi, Chad Myers
    • PI: Chad Myers (Computer Science and Engineering)
  • Harnessing high-performance computing for drafting the equine pangenome

    • Authors: Jonah N. Cullen, Brian W. Davis, Jessica L. Petersen, Sian Durward-Akhurst, Ted Kalbfleisch, Molly E. McCue
    • PI:  Molly McCue (Veterinary Population Medicine)

Physical Sciences and Engineering

Grand Prize Winner (travel award of $2,000):

  • Pushing the frontiers of hypersonic flight: The oblique detonation phenomenon

    • Authors: Suryanarayan Ramachandra, Suo Yang
    • PI: Suo Yang (Mechanical Engineering)

Finalists (travel awards of $1,000):

  • LeaPP: Learning pathways to polymorphs with time analysis of crystallizing particles

    • Authors: Steven Hall, Porhouy Minh, Sapna Sarupria
    • PI: Sapna Sarupria (Chemistry)
  • Application of kinetic Monte Carlo: Ammonia synthesis on programmed Ru (0001) surface

    • Authors: Rajat Daga, Matthew Neurock
    • PI: Matthew Neurock (Chemical Engineering and Materials Science)

Thank you to the Poster Session judges!

  • Jeremy Chacón, MSI
  • John Garbe, University of Minnesota Genomics Center
  • Jesus Garcia Garcia, MSI
  • Chris Hogan, Mechanical Engineering
  • Ben Lynch, MSI
  • Ruping Sun, Laboratory Medicine and Pathology

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