MSI PI Low Named Director of SCI

MSI PI Walter Low Named Director of Stem Cell Institute

MSI PI Walter Low (professor, Neurosurgery) has assumed his new role as Director of the Stem Cell Institute (SCI) in the U of M Medical School. The SCI is dedicated to research into stem cells with the goal of developing new safe and effective medical treatments. Professor Low uses MSI resources for bioinformatics research into the transcriptome, proteome, and metabolome to understand the molecular processes of organ/cellular development and disease.

Professor Low succeeds previous SCI Director and MSI PI Brenda Ogle (professor, Biomedical Engineering), who served in the position for five years. Professor Ogle works with MSI on projects that combine engineering principles with mechanisms by which stem cells contribute to tissues during development.

An article about Professor Low, Professor Ogle, and the Stem Cell Institute appears on the Medical School website: Walter Low appointed Director of Stem Cell Institute.

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