Grant for Equine Research Tools

MSI Researcher Receives Grant for Equine Pangenome and Pantranscriptome Graphs

Dr Jonah Cullen, in the MSI research group of PI Molly McCue (professor, Veterinary Population Medicine; Associate Dean of Research, CVM), has recently received a $218,000 grant from the USDA National Institutes of Food and Agriculture to develop pangenome and pantranscriptome graphs for horses. This is the first time these tools will be developed for horses.

Dr Cullen is a post-doc in the Equine Genetics and Genomics Laboratory. Last month, he was a Finalist prize winner in the 2024 Research Computing Exhibition poster competition for his poster, “Harnessing high-performance computing for drafting the equine pangenome.” Professor McCue’s group uses MSI for projects dealing with equine and canine genetics and genomics.

A store about Dr. Cullen’s work and this grant can be found on the College of Veterinary Medicine’s website: Mapping the way forward for equine research.


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