Studying the Lake Superior Basin

Studying the Lake Superior Basin

An interdisciplinary collaboration between University of Minnesota researchers and other universities has recently been awarded a $2.8 million grant from the National Science Foundation to study the formation and evolution of the Lake Superior basin. The project is being led by MSI PI Andrew Wickert (associate professor, Earth and Environmental Sciences; St. Anthony Falls Laboratory). Professor Wickert will study rivers along the lake’s North and South Shores. Another MSI PI, Max Bezada (associate professor, Earth and Environmental Sciences), will use seismic waves from earthquakes to map the structure of the earth under the lake.

Professor Wickert uses MSI resources for several projects related to understanding changes in land and water under both natural and anthropogenic forcings. Professor Bezada uses MSI’s supercomputers for computationally expensive techniques used to process seismic information used in imaging Earth’s interior structure.

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