How do I enable core dumps?

How do I enable core dumps?

User core dumps have been re-enabled as of May 5, 2021.  A core dump is essentially a snapshot of what was in computer memory when a running program was halted by an interrupt. Core dumps are mostly used by people who are writing their own code, using these files as input to advanced tools like debuggers. Core dumps can be quite large in size, so if you do not have a need for them, we would recommend that you not enable their creation.

Supercomputing FAQs

How to enable

You can use this command to enable core dumps and have them generated no mattter how large they are

ulimit -c unlimited

If desired, you can also configure a size limit as a number of 512-byte blocks. For example, a 1 GiB limit would be

ulimit -c 2097152

With this, cores larger than 1 GiB will not be generated.

Where to find

Core dumps are placed in the running directory of your executablem and have the name `core.<PID>` where <PID> was the processs ID the program was running under.

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