Directory and system access

Accessing home directory, shared & public spaces. What systems can I use?

The group shared home directory space is by default the space you access when logging into any MSI system. Each account in a group has a space in the the group shared space /home/groupname/username that will function as a home directory for a given user.

Supercomputing FAQs

In addition to the home directories being in the group space, there are also the shared and public spaces for collaboration within the group and outside of the group. When you log in at first, you will start in your home directory of /home/groupname/username; you can use the "cd" (change directory) command to change to your group's shared or public space:

username @lab [~] % cd ../shared
username @lab [~] % cd ../public 

It's possible to put a shortcut to the shared or public space in your home directory by using the ln command to create a symbolic link:

username @lab [~] % ln -s /home/groupname/shared shared 


username @lab [~] % ls -ld shared
lrwxrwxrwx 1 username pigroupname 13 2011-07-20 07:33 shared -> /home/groupname/shared

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