Transfering data between computers

How do I transfer data between a Mac or Windows computer and MSI Unix computers?

For transferring data from Mac / Windows computers to MSI Unix computers, any SFTP or SCP software can be used. Connect to an MSI system using your MSI username and password and you will be able to transfer files to and from your home directory and group shared directory. For Windows, we recommend WinSCP. For Mac OS X, we recommend using FileZilla. NOTE: With Two Factor Authentication each program will prompt the Duo Authenticator for each initial connection.


Supercomputing FAQs

If you are on the Unix side and need to pull data from your Windows U: drive, you can use smbclient:

$ smbclient -U 'MSI\username' -D username //falcon2/Users

From the prompt:

smb: \username\> 

You can issue ftp style commands ('ls', 'get', 'cd', etc.). To get an entire directory recursively, use:

smb: \username\> prompt

smb: \username\> recurse

smb: \username\> mget DirectoryName

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