What is MSI Consulting?

MSI consultants are highly trained staff who are familiar with leading-edge software. MSI computing and data storage resources and advanced analysis spanning a broad range of fields. MSI's dedicated consulting staff currently support a few dozen projects annually. 

What can MSI Consultants do for you?

MSI staff provide consulting services for project planning, data analysis, data management, pipeline or application development, tutorials and workshops, and much more. Interactions with MSI consultants can be as simple as a single meeting to a complex, multi-year-spanning research project. Positions for MSI consultants are often written into grants and many consultants have been included as key personnel. MSI consultants cover a broad range of expertise including:

  • Research Computing; Informatics
  • Big Data Analysis
  • Parallel Algorithm Optimization and Development
  • Custom Analysis Pipeline Development
  • Genomics
  • Custom Application Development
  • Data Mining
  • Bioinformatics
  • Image Processing
  • Visualization
  • Computational Biology

How Do I Contact MSI Consultants?

Email us at and one of our Experts will contact you to learn more about your consulting needs.  Please include in your message a proposal abstract or brief description of your research and how you would like MSI to help so that we can connect you with the MSI staff person best suited to discuss your needs. We will need at least two weeks to prepare effort and cost estimates as well as associated documentation for consulting services. Please contact us early in your grant preparation process if you think that you might need dedicated consulting.

MSI Consulting Prices

ServiceService DescriptionInternal CostExternal Cost
Consulting, TechnicalSupport for the operation of high performance computing equipment and software.Varies$230/hr
Consulting, ResearchConsultation and support for scientific research activities.Varies$230/hr
Consulting, TravelHours travel to remote sites for consultations.N/A$115/hr
Consulting, TrainingWorkshops and training.N/A$230/hr

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