Manage PI Group

Manage MSI Group

To manage your MSI group at this time, you will need to access the legacy MSI site. Instructions for managing your group are provided below.

  1. Point your browser at
  2. On the page, if it says “Log into MSI” in the upper right, follow that link and login. You will need to be on the UMN campus, or in via VPN. If you are already logged in, proceed to step 3.
  3. When logged in and on the PI page, navigate to the PI group you wish to manage.
  4. Here you will be able to add or remove collaborators, request more storage, review who is using your storage, etc. – as you always have done.

If you have questions about how to manage your MSI group, please get in touch with the MSI Helpdesk.

MSI Helpdesk

Request a New MSI Group

If you do not already have an MSI group and would like to request one, follow these instructions for accessing the legacy MSI site.

  1. Point your browser at
  2. Click on the "Request a New MSI PI Group" tab. Fill out the form with the requested information. Once you have completed the form, click "Submit" at the bottom of the page.
  3. Your request will be reviewed by MSI. If you are eligible to open a group, you will receive a welcome email once your request has been approved and your group has been created. If you are not eligible or MSI cannot verify your eligibility, the MSI helpdesk will reach out to request additional information. You will receive instructions for submitting this information.
  4. Once your group has been created and you have access to DUO Two-Factor Authentication and the University VPN, you will be able to log into MSI resources.

If you already have an MSI group and have a reason to request a new group, please contact the MSI Helpdesk.

MSI Helpdesk

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