Portals and Databases

What are Portals and Databases?

As part of MSI's mission to advance research at the University of Minnesota, MSI hosts and maintains portals to various data analysis software. MSI will also develop and host portals and databases specific to research projects supported by MSI consultants. 

What Can I Do With Portals and Databases?

MSI maintains a scalable computing and data storage environment for web and database resources to facilitate the creation of data analysis pipelines and a means for data sharing. Portals and Databases hosted in this environment are part of projects supported by MSI consultants. In some cases, MSI deploys specific portals or databases in an OpenStack environment that can be customized to meet a wide range of requirements.

What Portals and Databases are Available?

Galaxy, Galaxy-p, SMRT portal, NCFP, and DMRF

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