2017 Research Computing Exhibition

2017 Research Computing Exhibition

MSI held the eighth annual Research Exhibition on April 25, 2017. This year, besides the judged poster session, the event included a panel discussion about careers in HPC-related fields, plus presentations by industry representatives about current and emerging technologies. Attendees were also able to take tours of MSI’s machine room. View the Upcoming Research Computing Exhibition.

Image: Panel discussion at the MSI 2017 Research Exhibition. Left to right: Scott Hurst, Adaptive Computing; Gerald Lotto, Mellanox; Stephen Wheat, Hewlett Packard Enterprise; Bonita Vormawor, MathWorks; Gilles Eggenspieler, ANSYS; Jonathan Bentz, NVIDIA; Mark Taylor, Panasas.

Thank you to our sponsors!

  • Platinum level
    • Matrix Integration in partnership with Hewlett Packard Enterprise
  • Gold level
    • Mellanox
    • Panasas
  • Silver level
    • Adaptive Computing
  • Sponsor level
    • ANSYS
    • NVIDIA
    • Pacific Biosciences

Panel Discussion and Presentations

  • Adaptive Computing
  • MathWorks
  • Hewlett Packard Enterprise
  • Mellanox
  • Panasas

Poster Session

Posters by MSI users competed in one of two categories: Biological and Medical Sciences and Physical Sciences and Engineering. Three Finalists in each category were chosen prior to the event; the Finalists were interviewed by the judges during the event to determine the Grand Prize winners.

2017 Research Computing Exhibition Photos

Biological and Medical Sciences

Grand Prize Winner (travel award of $2,000):

  • Pathway-Based Discovery of Genetic Interactions in Breast Cancer
  • Authors: Wen Wang, Zhiyuan Xu, Michael Costanzo, Charles Boone, Carol A. Lange, Chad L. Myers
  • MSI Principal Investigator: Chad L. Myers (Computer Science and Engineering)

Finalists (travel awards of $1,000):

  • EMBALMER Enables Mathematically Optimal Genome Database Search for Big Data
  • Author: Gabriel Al-Ghalith
  • MSI Principal Investigator: Dan Knights (Computer Science, Biotechnology Institute, BICB)
  • Unbiased Discovery of Exosome-Associated Biomarkers Using Xenograft Models
  • Authors:  Milcah C. Scott, John R. Garbe, Hirotaka Tomiyasu, Jaime F. Modiano
  • MSI Principal Investigator: Jaime Modiano (Veterinary Clinical Sciences)

List of submitted posters

Physical Sciences and Engineering

Grand Prize Winner (travel award of $2,000):

  • Computation of Multiphase Breakup With a Lagrangian Volume of Fluid: Toward High-Fidelity and Affordable Simulation of Primary Atomization
  • Authors: Everett A. Wenzel, Sean C. Garrick
  • MSI Principal Investigator: Sean Garrick (Mechanical Engineering)

Finalists (travel awards of $1,000):

  • Computationally Guided Structural Nanomaterials Design
  • Authors: Yuezhou Wang, Jihong Al-Ghalith, Hao Xu, Grigory Drozdov, Traian Dumitrica
  • MMSI Principal Investigator: Traian Dumitrică (Mechanical Engineering)
  • Inverse Design Process: Generating the BIG DATA to Efficiently Visualize a Complete Design Space
  • Authors: Bethany Tourek, Dan Orban, Hakizumwami Birali Runesha, Dan Keefe, Arthur Erdman
  • MSI Principal Investigator: Arthur Erdman (Mechanical Engineering)

List of submitted posters

People’s Choice Award

  • Rational Design of Selective Adenine-Based Scaffolds for Inactivation of Bacterial Histidine Kinases
  • Authors: Manibarsha Goswami, Erin E. Carlson
  • MSI Principal Investigator: Erin. E. Carlson (Chemistry)

Thank you to the Poster Session judges!

  • Graham Candler (Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics)
  • Jiali Gao (Chemistry)
  • Pratik Jagtap (Center for Mass Spectrometry and Proteomics)
  • Peter Morrell (Agronomy and Plant Genetics)
  • Tracy Twine (Soil, Water, and Climate)
  • Gianluigi Veglia (Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, and Biophysics)

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