2022 Exhibition

The Annual Exhibition wrap up for 2022 Research Computing Exhibition

MSI held the 13th annual Research Computing Exhibition on April 26, 2022. For the first time since 2019, we were able to hold the event in person at our offices in Walter Library.

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Thank you to our sponsors!

Platinum Level

  • PIER Group in partnership with Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Silver Level

  • VAST Data

Events included a panel discussion about employment in HPC fields, presentations about MSI and other Research Computing groups, tours of the data center, including our newest supercomputer, Agate, and visualizations by MSI users in the Visualization Lab.

Panel Discussion - Employment in High Performance Computing


  • HPE - Charlie Carroll, R&D VP for HPC/MCS Storage
  • VAST Data - Dr. Subramanian Kartik, VP of Systems Engineering
  • U of M OIT - Andres Irigoyen-Au, Infrastructure Manager
  • MSI - Dr. Josh Baller, Director of Applications and Services


  • Research Computing overview - Dr. Jim Wilgenbusch
  • U-Spatial - Planetary Imaging - Dr. Jeffery Thompson
  • UMII funding and project support - Dr. Thomas Pengo
  • Agate (architecture, queues, science, design, faculty role) - Graham Allan
  • MSI overview, current statistics, future plans - Dr. Josh Baller

Presentations slide deck

Poster Session

Posters by MSI users competed in one of two categories, Life Sciences and Engineering and Physical Sciences and Engineering. They were judged using the following criteria:

  • How much did using MSI contribute to the outcome of the research presented?
  • How well is the use of MSI and the research communicated on the poster?
  • How important is this science?

Life Sciences and Engineering

Grand Prize Winner (travel award of $2,000)

  • Metagenomic insights into the role of organic sulfur in the deep biosphere
    • Authors: Amanda Patsis, Cara Santelli, Cody Sheik
    • MSI PI: Cody Sheik (Biology, University of Minnesota Duluth)

Finalists (travel awards of $1,000)

  • Design of peptide hydrogels for drug delivery: An experimental and computational study
    • Authors: Neetu Singh Yadav, Youchi Zhang, Megan Pitz, Angela Alexander-Bryant, Sapna Sarupria
    • MSI PI: Sapna Sarupria (Chemistry)
  • Divergence among metagenome-assembled genomes of extremely thermophilic cyanobacteria
    • Authors: Eric D. Kees, Senthil K. Murugaprian, Annastacia C. Bennett, Trinity L. Hamilton
    • MSI PI: Trinity L. Hamilton (Plant and Microbial Biology)

Physical Sciences and Engineering

Grand Prize Winner (travel award of $2,000)

  • CalCROP21: A georeferenced multi-spectral dataset of satellite imagery and crop labels
    • Authors: Rahul Ghosh, Praveen Ravirathinam, Xiaowei Jia, Ankush Khandelwal, David Mulla, Vipin Kumar
    • MSI PI: Vipin Kumar (Computer Science and Engineering)

Finalists (travel awards of $1,000)

  • Direct numerical simulation of high pressure turbulent cool flames
    • Authors: Navneeth Srinivasan, R. Surya Narayan, Suo Yang
    • MSI PI: Suo Yang (Mechanical Engineering)
  • Supercomputing across length scales: Structure-property relationships in disparate materials
    • Authors: Kevin M. Schmalbach, Justin Y. Cheng, Zhao Wang, Shuozhi Xu, Rebecca L. Combs, Youxing Chen, Zezhou Li, Jon K. Baldwin, R. Lee Penn, Andreas Stein, Irene J. Beyerlein, Nathan A. Mara
    • MSI PI: Nathan A. Mara (Chemical Engineering and Materials Science)

Thank you to the Poster Session judges!

  • Turan Birol, Chemical Engineering and Materials Science
  • Ben Lynch, MSI
  • Estephan Moana Filho, Diagnostic and Biological Sciences
  • Christine O’Connor, MSI
  • Roger Rusack, Physics and Astronomy
  • Nathan Springer, Plant and Microbial Biology

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