Distinguished University Professors

2023 Distinguished McKnight University Professors

Two MSI PIs have been named Distinguished McKnight University Professors. This program recognizes outstanding mid-career faculty members who have recently achieved full professor status.

The MSI PIs on the list are:

  • Rafael Fernandes (Physics and Astronomy)
    • Professor Fernandes uses Monte Carlo simulations to determine the role that structure plays in quantum materials. Problems under investigation include the impact of elastic deformations generated by dilute effects and electronic disorders that emerge in quasicrystalline systems.
  • Jessica Hellmann (Director, Institute on the Environment)
    • MSI provides resources to a variety of projects being undertaken by researchers at the Institute on the Environment, including studies of urban ecosystems; environmental supply chains; global land use; and food, water, and energy sustainability in Minnesota’s.

The complete list of 2023 awardees for Distinguished McKnight University Professorships can be found on the Scholars Walk website.

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