Advances in Nanoelectronics

Advances in Nanoelectronics

Research by MSI PI Bethanie Stadler (professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering) was featured recently in a story by Technology Commercialization. Professor Stadler has invented magnetic nanowires that could someday be used to thaw cryogenically preserved organs in such a way that the organs aren’t damaged by thawing. Also mentioned in the article are Professor Stadler’s colleagues Professor Rhonda Franklin (Electrical and Computer Engineering) and Professor John Bischof (Mechanical Engineering; Director, Institute for Engineering in Medicine), both of whom are also MSI PIs. The story is on the Tech Comm website: Beth Stadler: Nanoheaters for Electronics and Organ Donation.

Professor Stadler uses MSI resources for computer modeling of magneto-photonic and nano-magnetic materials and devices. Professor Franklin uses MSI for 3D modeling of microwave antennas and circuits for communications and biomedical applications. Professor Bischof uses MSI for analysis of multiphysics problems (heat transfer, electromagnetism, optics, diffusion, fluid flow, etc.) and processing of clinical image files related to work performed by the Bioheat and Mass Transfer Lab.

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