Developing Artificial Blood Vessels

Developing Artificial Blood Vessels That Grow With the Patient

A U of M-led research team has received a grant from the Department of Defense totaling $3.7M over four years for a project that is developing bioengineered blood vessels that will grow with the patient. These artificial vessels could eventually be used in children with congenital heart defects, avoiding the need for multiple surgeries.

The project uses technology developed in the lab of MSI Robert Tranquillo (professor, Biomedical Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Materials Science); this technology is licensed by U of M startup Vascudyne, Inc., who are participating in this project. A news release about the grant and the project can be found on the College of Science and Engineering website: UMN Awarded $3.7M to Prepare for Clinical Trials of Lab-Created Pediatric Heart Vessels That Grow With the Recipients.

Professor Tranquillo uses MSI for computational work associated with the development of artificial heart valves.

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