Duo 2-Factor Authentication

Duo 2-Factor Authentication Coming to MSI

On March 2, 2022, after scheduled maintenance, all researchers using secure shell (ssh) to connect to MSI high-performance computing cluster Mesabi, Mangi, and (very soon) Agate will be required to use Duo 2-factor authentication. For the vast majority of our researchers at the University of Minnesota, this will require no action as you are already using Duo to access University email and other IT services.

If you an external user of MSI systems, and have a Person of Interest (POI) account, you may need to set up Duo authentication with UMN IT if you have not done so already. Instructions are on the IT website: Duo: Set Up and Use Duo Security.

The difference you will see when connecting via ssh will be limited to a challenge for authentication - researchers will be able to select to be authenticated with a Duo push notification or a phone call. You’ll then confirm your identity with the device you’ve set up with Duo, and then proceed to be connected.

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