New Light Absorbing Material

A Material That Can Absorb Nearly All Light

A team led by researchers at the U of M has developed a material that can absorb nearly 100 percent of light. The team includes MSI PIs from the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Professor Steven Koester and Associate Professor Tony Low and their colleagues. The research, which was published in the journal Nature Communications, may have applications in optical communications as well as military applications such as stealth technology.

A story about this research appears on the College of Science and Engineering website: UMN-led team achieves near-perfect light absorption in atomic-scale material. The paper can be found on the journal’s website: Achieving near-perfect light absorption in atomically thin transition metal dichalcogenides through band nesting.

Professor Koester is currently using MSI for two projects: determining the properties of contacts to 2D materials and simulating cryogenic operation of MOSFETs for ultra-low power memory and logic devices. Professor Low uses MSI for research about the physical properties of 2D materials, including electronic, optical, magnetic, and topological properties.

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