MSI PIs Receive $4.6 M Grant

MSI PIs Wilson and Vrieze Receive $4.6 M Grant From National Institute on Drug

MSIs PI Sylia Wilson (assistant professor, Institute of Child Development (ICD)  ) and Scott Vrieze (associate professor, Psychology) have received a grant of $4.6 million over five years from the national Institute on Drug Abuse. The grant funds a research program called “Understanding the Links Between Parental and Adolescent Substance Use: Complementary Natural Experiments Using the Children of Twins Design.” Professors Wilson and Vrieze are Principal Investigators at the Minnesota Center for Twin and Family Research.  The grant is shared by PIs at the Institute for Behavioral Genetics at the University of Colorado-Boulder.

An article about this grant appears on the ICD News website: ICD’s Sylia Wilson Receives $4.6 Million Grant From the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

Professor Wilson uses MSI resources to support research into twins and families to determine the risks for and consequences of psychopathology and the brain. Professor Vrieze uses MSI for genetic association studies of genetic variants and addiction/mental illness outcomes.

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