How do I setup my MSI password?

UMN Internet ID

MSI uses the same login information as all other UMN resources that require login credentials. Therefore, to login to your MSI account, you will need a UMN Internet ID and password.

Supercomputing FAQs

New Users

If you do not have a UMN Internet ID (i.e. you are a researcher outside of the University and would like access to MSI), please refer to our Eligibility & Getting Access Guidelines page. This page contains more information on eligibility requirements to access to MSI resources, and steps to getting a UMN Internet ID if you are eligible.

Once you have a UMN InternetID, the next step is to set up a password with the Office of Information Technology (OIT), if you have not already done so. This password will be used to log into and authenticate at various websites across the University, including your MSI account and MSI computing resources. OIT can be contacted by email at, online chat at the OIT website, and by phone at 612-301-4357.

Once your UMN password has been set up, you may then request an MSI account by requesting to become an MSI PI (see Eligibility & Getting Access), or having your group PI add you to their group (for assistance, see our PI guide to managing MSI accounts).

Once you become a new MSI user, you should receive an email with your account information. This email will tell you your MSI username, and that your MSI password is the same as the password associated to your University of Minnesota Internet ID. You can log in to your MSI account by navigating to the login page at the top of the homepage, and clicking "Log in with Internet ID". If you need to change your password, you can do so through the UMN interface. If you need assistance changing your UMN password, contact OIT.

Duo Two-Factor Authentication

As of November 2018, all new users who reset their password or receive a new UMN account will be prompted to enroll in Duo Security's Two-Factor Authentication services. This service requires users to enroll their devices, such as smart phone or tablet, as a secondary form of authentication when logging in to their University account. This provides a second layer of security, requiring both the entry of username and password, as well as confirmation on a secondary device to access an account. To learn more about Duo Security and how to enroll in Two-Factor authentification, OIT's Duo Self-Help Guide is a useful tool for getting started with Duo, using Duo, and troubleshooting with Duo.

Changing Passwords

To change your UMN Internet ID password, visit OIT's Reset Your UMN Password page. This form will prompt you to enter your current password, and then enter your new password.

Forgotten Usernames

Your MSI username is the same as your UMN Internet ID.
If you have forgotten your UMN Internet ID, you can recover it at OIT Internet ID Recovery page. You will need an alternate email associated with your UMN account. If you need additional assistance with recovering your Internet ID, please contact OIT directly.

Forgotten Passwords

Your MSI password is the same password you use to log in with your UMN Internet ID.
If you forget your password, you can reset it online through OIT's Recover Your UMN Password page. Enter your Internet ID or alternate email address associated with your account and OIT will be able to assist you in resetting your password. You will need to answer your security questions. If you have not already enrolled in Duo two-factor authentification, you will be prompted to enroll. All new users and users resetting their passwords are required to enroll.

If you cannot remember the answers to your security questions, please contact OIT directly and they will be able to assist you in recovering your account.

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