How can I check my storage quota?

How can I check my storage quota?

For all systems, per-user and project-space storage quotas are no longer enforced. All files in /home/group will be counted against a per-group storage quota.

You can check your group's current storage usage and quota on MSI's website or via the groupquota command on MSI's login nodes.

Supercomputing FAQs

Checking usage and quota online

Your myMSI user portal contains information on disk quota and usage. If you are not currently logged into the MSI website, click the "Log Into MSI" link near the top of this webpage. Once logged in, to check disk usage and quota, click the downward-facing arrow to the right of your username. In the pulldown menu that appears, click the group name you wish to check.

Checking usage and quota at the command line

You can check your storage quota by logging in to the MSI login nodes and typing the command:


groupquota Options

You can see your individual utilization in addition to the group's usage with:

groupquota -u

You can see an approximated report of usage by user in the group with:

groupquota -a

You can view the all-user quota report sorted by file count rather than bytes with:

groupquota -a -s files

You can create a .csv file of the quota report suitable for viewing in spreadsheet programs with the following ('quotareport.csv' is an output filename of your choice):

groupquota -ac > quotareport.csv

All options can be viewed with:

groupquota -h

Usage breakdown

The ncdu utility is useful to see how the space in your home directory is being used. To use ncdu in your home directory, issue the following commands:


module load ncdu


Once 'ncdu' has completed its search, you can view file count usage by striking 'c' followed by 'C'. This will add a column displaying file count and then sort by this column.


HPC systems share home space with all other systems; the procedure is the same as above.

In all these cases, if you need an increase in quota, visit the FAQ on increasing your storage allocation.

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