What is a module?

What is a module?

MSI uses software called module to provide users with software-on-demand. 

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When given the package-name for the software, 

$> module load package-name 

will configure a user's environment and paths to include all directories necessary to run the software. Note: all MSI software pages include the  package-name for reference. This change will last until you log out, and loading a module that is already loaded will make no additional changes to your environment. You can undo the effect of all loaded modules with the command,

$> module purge

The command,

$> module avail

lists all available software packages for the current machine. Note that modules will vary by machine dependent on licensing and security restrictions.

$> module avail package_name

lists the available versions of a software package. For example, module avail comsol

To see the actions a module performs use the module show command like:

$> module show package_name

For a complete understanding of the module command, refer to the manpage:

$> man module

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