Set local user password in Stratus

How do I set my local user password in Stratus?

This guide assumes you know how to connect to your virtual machine. You should only need to perform these steps if you are trying to connect to your virtual machine using remote desktop.

Supercomputing FAQs
  1. SSH to your virtual machine, you will need to go through stratus-bastion to gain access.
  2. After you are on your virtual machine you will need to set the password for your account. This step is different for each operating system.

    If you are running Centos7:
    # sudo passwd centos

    If you are running Debian9:
    # sudo passwd debian

    If you are running Ubuntu1604:
    # sudo passwd ubuntu
  3. You will be prompted for a password. As you type, you will not see the text in the terminal. This is normal. After you have entered a password press enter.
  4. You will be prompted for the same password a second time. Type it in again and press enter.
  5. The password is now set. You will be able to remotely display your desktop.

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