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Software Description

ABAQUS is a general-purpose Finite Element program designed for advanced linear and nonlinear engineering analysis applications.

The Institute has ABAQUS/Standard, ABAQUS/Explicit and ABAQUS/Cae.

  • ABAQUS/Standard , provides ABAQUS analysis technology to solve traditional implicit finite element analyses, such as static, dynamics, and thermal, all powered with the widest range of contact and nonlinear material options. ABAQUS/Standard also has optional add-on and interface products with address design sensitivity analysis, offshore engineering, and integration with third party software, e.g., plastic injection molding analysis.

  • ABAQUS/Explicit , provides ABAQUS analysis technology focused on transient dynamics and quasi-static analyses using an explicit approach appropriate in many applications such as drop test, crushing and many manufacturing processes.

  • ABAQUS/CAE , provides a complete modeling and visualization environment for ABAQUS analysis products. It provides an access to CAD models, advanced meshing and visualization.

  • Isight is an open-desktop solution used to combine multiple cross-disciplinary models and applications together in a simulation process flow, automate their execution, explore the resulting design space, and identify the optimal design parameters subject to required constraints.

  • Tosca Structure is a flexible, modular software system for non-parametric structural optimization with industry standard finite element solvers (Abaqus, ANSYS, MSC Nastran). Model parameterization is not necessary. Existing solver input files are used for the optimization. Tosca Structure provides advanced capabilities for optimization with nonlinear analysis and fatigue as well as a specific non-parametric morphing approach.

  • Tosca Fluid is a unique, modular software system for non-parametric fluid flow optimization that enables topology optimization with some industry-standard CFD solvers. Abaqus/CFD is not currently supported.

  • fe-safe is fatigue analysis software for Finite Element models that offers its users the most accurate and advanced fatigue analysis technology for real-world industrial applications. fe-safe is used by leading companies in automotive, heavy truck, off-highway, marine, defense, offshore, power generation, wind energy, medical engineering and many other industries.


  1. Request access to Citrix at https://www.msi.umn.edu/citrixrequest
  2. Connect to https://apps.umn.edu .
  3. Click on Desktops > MSI Abaqus to launch the desktop.
  4. Launch Abaqus from:

Start > All Programs > Dassault Systemes SIMULIA Abaqus CAE$Version > Abaqus CAE

\$Version is the version number or year of the software.

Licensing Info

To view the calendar and/or reserve a license, please visit: Abaqus License Reservations

General Linux

To run this software interactively in a Linux environment use the commands:

module load abaqus 
abaqus cae


module load abaqus 
abaqus job=job_name inp=input interactive

Programs can be submitted to a queue using PBS script such as the one below.:

#PBS -l nodes=1:ppn=1,mem=1gb,walltime=4:00:00
#PBS -m abe

module load abaqus
abaqus job=job_name input=data.inp interactive


  • In order to allow all users access to Abaqus, users are allowed to have 2 Abaqus jobs running at one time. If licenses are available, users may run more than 2 jobs. But, for each user, all jobs beyond the 2 job limit are subject to being killed if licenses are needed by other users. The user\'s most recently started job will be killed first.
  • You must be on the Abaqus users list to run Abaqus. Contact help@msi.umn.edu to be added to the Abaqus users list.
  • Abaqus sometimes has graphical interface issues with the menus and tool bars not being displayed properly. If you run into this issue and are using KDE or GNOME, please try using a different Desktop Manager such as FVWM, ICEWM and MWM.

  • If you would prefer not to change your desktop manager then do the following:

    1. right click on the top bar of your abaqus window
    2. choose Configure window behavior
    3. under Compositing State, click on Suspend Compositing
  • To submit a job in the queue, it is essential to have the keyword interactive next to the ABAQUS command line in the submission script, see the above example.

  • To run from the /scratch file systems, add the following line to the abaqus_v6.env:




Where directoryname is the name of the directory you want to use as a scratch directory for temporary data storage.

  • ABAQUS CAE cannot use hardware graphics acceleration in Apple\'s X11. To run CAE on a Macintosh, use the -mesa option to disable hardware acceleration:

    module load abaqus abaqus cae -mesa

Depending on the graphics drivers on your local computer, in order to run ABAQUS CAE over a remote connection, other non-Apple clients may also need to use the \"-mesa\" option. Note that this is an unsupported configuration and performance will be slow.

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