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GraphPad Prism from GraphPad Software{target="_blank"} is a combination of basic biostatistics, curve fitting and scientific graphing in one comprehensive program.


1. Request access to Citrix at 2. Connect to . 3. Click on Desktops > MSI Graphpad Prism to launch the desktop. 4. Launch GraphPad Prism from:

Start > All Programs > GraphPad Software > GraphPad Prism$Version

\$Version is the version number or year of the software. Graphpad instances should not be left running on disconnected sessions, as this will prevent other users from obtaining a license. Instances left running as such will be killed. Please close the program or log off remote desktop to ensure you do not hold a license when not using the program. The Graphpad license does not permit use off campus. As such, Graphpad will close and you will receive a message if it is determined that you are connecting from off campus.

Licensing Info

To view the calendar and/or reserve a license, please visit: GraphPad Prism License Reservations

General Linux

To load this module for use in a Linux environment, you can run the command:

module load graphpad-prism

Depending on where you are working, there may be more than one version of graphpad-prism available. To see which modules are available for loading you can run:

module avail graphpad-prism

Not a Module

Not a Module

This software is not provided as a module. See the associated documentation for access instructions.