New Superconductor

MSI Physics PIs Publish Research on a New Superconductor

In a recent paper published in the journal Nature Physics, three MSI PIs from the School of Physics and Astronomy and their colleagues have published findings about the superconductor niobium diselenide (NbSe2). Researchers from the University of Minnesota led the study team, which also included researchers from several other institutions. The study shows that 2D NbSe2, which is only a few molecules thick, is a more resilient superconductor than thicker sheets of the material.

The PIs are Associate Professor Vlad Pribiag, Professor Rafael Fernandes, and Assistant Professor Fiona Burnell. A story about this research appears on the UMN News website: Researchers Uncover Unique Properties of a Promising New Superconductor. The paper can be found on the journal website: Two-Fold Symmetric Superconductivity in Few-Layer NbSe2.

Professor Pribiag uses MSI resources for DFT calculations of interfaces between InAs and InSb and various magnetic materials. Professor Fernandes uses MSI to perform for classical and quantum Monte Carlo simulations. to study electronic nematic order in unconventional superconductors. Professor Burnell runs software on MSI systems to evaluate electronic transport through 1D systems with disorder.

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