Reducing Galaxy data usage

How do I reduce my Galaxy data usage?

In January 2013, MSI installed a new storage system and changed the way that storage at MSI is allocated and accounted for. MSI has moved Galaxy storage to the new system and Galaxy files are accounted for in the overall quota for groups. Just as each individual's Unix home directory is attributed to the total group disk usage quota, each user's Galaxy usage counts towards the group disk usage quota. To reduce your disk usage, you can delete Galaxy histories. Follow the instructions in this document, Galaxy_deleting_histories.pdf to delete Galaxy histories.

Supercomputing FAQs

Galaxy does not immediately purge histories, so when you delete a Galaxy history, it will continue to occupy disk space. To permanently delete Galaxy histories and reduce your disk usage follow the instructions in this document, permanent_delete.pdf.

For groups that use Galaxy, the storage space used by the files and data generated in Galaxy are counted toward the group's total storage use. All of a research group's files (including Galaxy files) must fit within their MSI assigned storage limit. Exceeding the assigned storage limit will result in a lock on further data writes until the storage use is brought below the storage limit. It may take up to 30 minutes for a write-lock to be enabled or disabled after the lock criteria have been triggered.

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