Spintronics Manufacturing Process

A New Spintronics Manufacturing Process

In research published in February 2023, MSI PI Jian-Ping Wang (professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering) and colleagues at the U of M and the National Institute of Standards and Technology have created a new process for making spintronic devices. These devices are critical to the manufacture of semiconductor chips, which are necessary for consumer goods, including smartphones, cars, computers, and many other electronics. The new method uses iron palladium, which uses less energy, has the potential for larger data storage, and can be scaled down to smaller sizes than the current standard, cobalt iron boron.

A story about this research can be found on the U of M News site: Researchers create breakthrough spintronics manufacturing process that could revolutionize the electronics industry. The paper can be found on the Advanced Functional Materials website.

Professor Wang uses MSI for projects related to the search and study of new magnetic materials.

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